Añadido nuevo Domination! Pack 3.70

Imagen de Rockeye

Añadido al servidor, el nuevo paquete de misiones Domination! 3.70

Lo nuevo:

* Fixed copy and paste error in x_setupplayer.sqf, error message when setting a chopper to 2
* Fixed copy and paste error in x_arifire2.sqf
* Players don't loose a point in the ranked version now if they die (default now)
* If a player gets killed by another player no need to check for the side of the killer (non TT versions)
* Fixed, transporting other players gives the driver/pilot now actually points in the ranked version. It doesn't matter at which point on the map a unit enters the vehicle, only the transport distance counts.
* Added pre 3.50 handling of ammoboxes (dropping from MHQ or chopper) again as an option
* If a wreck doesn't reach the wreck point because the lift chopper got shot or the pilot released the wreck a new wreck marker at the current position gets created now
* Added enhanced player markers support. It's now possible to show the marker with name, without name, with role and health of the unit.
* Fixed, place base marker at correct position
* Replaced the building in side mission 4 in the Uhao version with a lighthouse (was an object from editor update)
* Fixed typos in Uhao sidemission four
* Corrected direction display for static weapons
* Fixed, reduced unit placement radius from 50 m to 0 m on top of Pico de Perez
* Added markers for player AI in the AI version
* Respawn any of the inital base vehicles when they land beyond the defined map area (after 10 minutes)
* Don't display a killed by message and don't subtract points if a player chooses ESC->Respawn
* Remove and recreate stuck island defense groups
* All looping server scripts will now stop if all players left the server (persistent)
* Rewrote group state machine, more performance friendly now
* Somehow ArmA updates broke climb over obstacle, fixed
* Added turret fix for reload script from zGuba
* Many, many, many other small fixes and optimizations
* and so on and so on