DCS: World 1.5.5 actualizaciones

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DCS: World 1.5.5 Update 2 Changelog


DCS Update 2

Added support of the new “The Border” campaign for Mi-8MTV2 pilot by Armen.

DCS World
Ingame unit labels. Added possibility to adjust the color blending and opacity depending by distance. See \\Config\View\Labels.lua script.
Ingame unit labels. Labels will scale in VR.
Added Su-27 and MiG-29 to Kazakhstan and Belarus.
Belarus will use metric system by default.
MP. Fixed the chat switching by key-commands.
Mouse cursor will not disappear after multiplayer chat switching.
Mouse cursor will not be moved outside of DCS window when game window resolution less then desktop resolution.
Radio menu won’t be clickable while track replays.
Slingload cargo's net phantom drops through buildings rooftop fixed

DCS Bf 109 K-4
Wheel brake axis will use full volume of slider, not one half.

Fix: KORD vertical aiming
Fix: Tail boom damage at the beginning of the mission if setting in ME cold start w/o armor, hardpoint, fuel
Fix: Fast mission generator makes missions without weapons
Fix: Mission Editor, payloads preview: Mi-8 appears without half-doors
Tune: rotor cockpit sounds
Tune: Main rotor transmission fire occurrence process
Flight Manuals (RU/EN): Fix errors, added new bookmarks (on left panel)
Training missions: callsign changed to “Player”
Mi-8 and UH-1H campaigns: missions start in darkness fixed

Su-27. Rudder will works correctly at low and high speeds.

DCS L-39
Bingo fuel indicator will not continuously blinks after negative Gs.

DCS C-101 by AvioDev
New items not present in latest 2.0.4 version:
New realistic smoke system implemented.
IFR flight training hood implemented.
Added Controls Indicator Window.
Added working ADI in external view.
Fixed gear lever light.
Fixed warning sounds.
Items already present in latest 2.0.4 version:
Added provisional kneeboard with C-101EB checklist.
Finished rear cockpit fuel and engine panels.
Coded landing lights switches for rear cockpit.
Coded rear cockpit pitot heat korry button.
Fixed korry covers (now you need to open the cover to be able to click the korry).
Fixed batteries 50ºC temperature korry indication for rear cockpit.
TACAN X/Y channel have got click sound.
Rear cockpit emergency canopy lever coded.
Pitot heat and engine anti-ice systems will reset their state when power is lost.
TACAN control panel switches and Intercom TCN knobs are properly set up now at mission start.
Fixed animation for TACAN X/Y channel knob and indication.

Changed antenna elevation cursor position to relative to ARL.
Adjusted video knob influence on indication.

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DCS: World 1.5.5 Update 4 Disponible


DCS Update 4

DCS World
Mi-8, UH-1 The smoke in the unloading area restored
F10 Radio addCommandForGroup using script will works now
Trigger rule "Part of Group in Zone" for human aircraft restored

DCS C-101 by AvioDev
No smoke while weight-on-wheels signal is sensed.
Fixed smoke system reinit on weapon rearm.
Added quantity accounting to the Smoke System. Unlimited smoke capacity is set when the 'Unlimited weapons' option is active.
Smoke system messages to user were added when 'Easy avionics' option is active.
Fixed some labels and indicating arrows of consoles and instruments lights panels.
Fixed consoles textures.
Fixed magnetic compass light switch.
Added IFR hood keyboard/joystick command.
Added functionality for the rear cockpit 'console lights' and 'instrument and storm lights' circuit breakers.
N1, N2 and ITT digital displays brightness is controlled by 'Instruments' knob now.
N1, N2, ITT and HSI bearing/range and VHF frequency digital displays now have minimum brigthness of 0.5 instead of 0.
UHF frequency display FREQ/TEST switch have got 3 positions with TEST position spring loaded. Middle position works like previous FREQ position, and FREQ position always displays frequency disregarding UHF frequency mode knob position.
Fixed ADI, it now shows the 20º of bank mark that was missing.

DCS M-2000C
Kneeboard: Radio preset page.
Added independent animation for left/right main wheel.
Fixed relaxed stability issue.
Cockpit model update to fix small bleeding bug.
Added Campaign missions documentation folder in Docs.
Added broken pieces models for left and right wings.

DCS L-39
Fixed Pitot heating

DCS Spitfire IX
Rearm fixed
Gunsight smoked glass corrected
Stick animation corrected
Changed rate of rewards from 40 to 20 points

VOR and ILS localizer bar fixed

Lights will not enabled at the cold aircraft start

Bf 109 K-4
Artificial horizon and compass fixed

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DCS: World 1.5.5 Update 5 disponible


Short update. Last in this year.

DCS Update 5
Triggers. Group is dead rule will working for air units
The Piercing Fury Campaign. AI wingmen will starting up on mission 6.
Fixed bug that caused issue with Su-33 take off from ship if F-5 present in mission.
The smoke trail density for some missiles increased.
The Ka-50 Republic campaign. Corrected rules of success in the mission 8.
Su-27 The Ultimate argument campaign. The tasks of AI Su-25 flight in the mission 3 tuned.

Happy New Year to all!